Rssep Silicon Valley Tour

Abhishek Dadhich
3 min readAug 30, 2018


1st day:

Here I am sharing my experience of the silicon valley tour organized by the DOITC department of Rajasthan.

On the first day we visited STANFORD university which was one of the biggest universities in the world it was a great experience for me.

There I met several people some of them were students or some of them were professors. The people there were amazing they were always ready to help anybody.

There was our tour guide SOFIA in Stanford for visiting the campus, she was a student of Stanford, she was amazing she told many things about STANFORD, she told the story that why the name of STANFORD is so, she told that STANFORD university is opened in 1891.

And I met there many professors one of them who I like most was the creator of OCEANONE, he is the professor in robotics department mr. Oussama Khatib. He is a great person and a great +ve thinker.

2nd Day:

The second day was like wow it was beyond my expectations we had visited 42 CODING SCHOOL. It is a school but it's not like schools there are no teachers to teach students. Students learn on their own or else with the help of another student. They do coding for the whole day or even at night also those people are from different backgrounds and from different countries. I learned many things from them.

There I meet many persons one of them was Guilhemar. He is a great personality he told me that he always been ready to help me.

42 CODING SCHOOL is completely another world people there learn by then self. The tagline of 42 coding schools is Borne2Code, which means you are here for only coding.

And both of these 2 days were amazing I learned many things which gonna be help me to become a good entrepreneur.